Chaturanga-Less Sun Salute – A Silent Tutorial | Ep. 6 | Body of Knowledge™ Vlog

Enjoy my latest Body of Knowledge™ video blog – a Chaturanga-Less Sun Salute! Joint centration is the ideal balance between the muscles that mobilize and stabilize as well as the agonists and antagonists of a joint. Centration implies that all the muscles that surround the joint have balanced their tension in order to hold the bony surfaces of the joint together for maximum surface contact.

Winging of the scapula is when one particular side of the scapula angles toward the rib cage while the other angles away. This natural movement of the shoulder blades becomes problematic in loaded positions and it is notoriously difficult to avoid in chaturanga. Over-time poorly executed (or perfectly executed but excessively practiced) chaturangas can lead to imbalance and injury. There are so many ways to craft a ‘moving meditation’ without chaturanga. Here is one idea. Enjoy and go make up some more! P.S. if you watch closely, you’ll see me fight to avoid scapular winging in some of these transitions.



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