360° Hip Strength and Coordination with Static Circumduction! | Ep. 12 | Body of Knowledge™ Vlog

Instead of doing passive stretching to alleviate your ‘hip tightness’ try doing exercises that stabilize your hips. Static Circumduction is one of my signature moves that I love teaching to help prep the hips for better reflexive strength and coordination.

Additionally, this exercise enhances hip joint centration by helping to balance the stabilizing tension all around the hip joint so that the muscles of the hip are better capable of holding the the head of the femur bone in a more centered and stable place within the hip socket.

If you have groin pain, an unstable sacroilliac joint or constantly clicking hips, you might benefit from less passive hip stretching and more active hip strengthening like Static Circumduction. For more WHY behind the benefits of strengthening the hips over passively stretching them, check out Body of Knowledge™ episode 11 which touches on the concept of ‘tightness’ – namely, what it is and what it isn’t.

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