Monster Walks for Hip and SI Joint Stability | Ep. 13 | Body of Knowledge™ Vlog

In this episode of the Body of Knowledge™ video blog I share a wonderfully simple and potent exercise called Monster Walks! All you need is a stretchy band and some space to walk around like the spawn of a land crab and benevolent zombie! Cute!

In an effort to strengthen the muscles of the lateral hip compartment, the benefits of adding external resistance are numerous. Especially if you suspect you’ve overdone passive hip stretching, or in general you are on the hyper-mobile side of the spectrum, and need to build strength to stabilize your SI joints and hips.


Monster Walks strengthens the gluteus medius muscle primarily – a super important muscle for hip and knee stability. It also helps to strengthen the piriformis muscle, one of a few muscles that crosses the sacroilliac joint in a horizontal orientation and whose relative strength contributes to force closure of the SI joint. Force closure is a biomechanics term that refers to the different forces, like muscle force, that contribute to holding your SI joints together.

If you have a loosey goosey SI joint or overstretched ligaments and a general feeling of discomfort in the buttock and lower back region, this exercise may bolster your strength and resilience and ultimately help you to feel better walking, sitting, running and doing yoga.

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