Outside the Box Embodiment: Practice Human Podcast

It was my total pleasure to talk with my friend and colleague Caitlin Casella on her podcast Practice Human. We go deep into a variety of subjects including:

Why people themselves are often the better judge of what they need (not the ‘teacher’) + how what we need changes — my introduction to yoga was fast-paced Ashtanga Vinyasa and exactly what I needed to change my life for the better (even though it’s exactly what I don’t need now).

Why I call what I practice and teach yoga (even though a lot of it doesn’t look like what most people call yoga).

How learning and teaching yoga is shifting away from the guru model of top-down transmission of information and shifting more toward a horizontal crowd-sourcing and cross-pollination of modalities + an emphasis on critical thinking and empowering students’ to make their own meaning.

And so much more!

Access podcast on buzzsprout.com

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