Resistance Bands + Yoga | The Mentor Sessions Support + Strategy for Yoga Teachers

I’m happy to share this podcast I recently did with Francesca Cervero and Giulia Pline all about incorporating resistance bands into a yoga practice! Giulia and I nerd out in the best possible way all about why we think resistance bands are incredible tools for yoga students and teachers. If you’re looking for interesting information about how to incorporate resistance bands into your practice/teaching skillfully this one is a must listen.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • why Giulia and I started incorporating resistance bands into our movement practice in the first place
  • some examples of the ways you might like to bring resistance bands into asana classes
  • the most interesting benefit resistance bands can offer a yoga practitioner
  • the most challenging part of incorporating resistance band work into your asana classes
  • the kinds of band brands that Giulia and I love

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