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Freeport, ME | Yoga with Resistance Bands Weekend of Workshops | @Freeport Yoga Company

January 17, 2020 @ 5:30 pm - January 19, 2020 @ 3:00 pm


These workshops are ideal for practitioners who want to be physically challenged in their practice while learning to deeply strengthen and support their bodies for long-term joint health. Each workshop will take you on a journey through the endless ways resistance bands can help you to build strength, awareness, and skill in traditional and non-traditional approaches to practicing yoga.


January 17th-19th

Whole Weekend $240 before Dec. 16 | $285 after Dec. 16

Individual workshops $65 for Friday evening workshop | $75 for Saturday and Sunday workshops

Fri, 5:30-7:30pm – Pigeon Pose Re-Imagined

Sat, 10:30-1:00p – Wrist and Shoulder Resilience: Arm Balance Progressions with Resistance Bands

Sat, 3-5:30p – Expansive Strength From the Inside Out: Stronger Backbends with Resistance Bands

Sun, 12:30-3:00p – Inversion Process Over Product: Sustainable Handstands with Resistance Bands

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Pigeon Pose Re-Imagined: Active Hip Opening with Resistance Band

A more old school yoga approach to hip and low back pain was often to practice deep hip-opening postures like pigeon pose. However, many very flexible, long-time practitioners still experience SI joint pain, low back pain, and hip pain despite all this passive stretching. In this workshop, you’ll learn preventative hip-strengthening strategies and exercises that will strengthen your hamstrings, improve your low back stability, and leave your hips and SI joints feeling strong and resilient. Experience how building hip strength using resistance bands can leave you feeling more flexible than before, but with the strength, power, and poise to back it up.

Wrist and Shoulder Resilience: Arm Balance Progressions with Resistance Bands

Do you require more strength for arm balancing, but aren’t sure where to start? Let’s be honest, supporting your full body weight on your hands is no small feat. It requires an intelligent, progressive plan. Traditional asana programming often bypasses this prep work and exposes you too soon to loads you may not be adequately trained for. The result is hurty shoulders and wrists. This workshop addresses this gap in preparation by providing you with progressive, variable-loading ‘know how’ to train for stronger wrists and shoulders. Prepare to pull as much as push and learn resistance band arrangements that offload body weight and making arm balances lighter, and thus more manageable to explore. Develop a plan to build strength progressively and eventually benefit from the high loads of arm-balances!

Expansive Strength From the Inside Out: Stronger Backbends with Resistance Bands

Discover how to build a stronger backbending practice using resistance bands in a variety of multi-directional, dynamic ways. Through externally applied load, learn to refine and enhance muscle engagement and sensory feedback to the areas that need to be ‘educated’ for a spacious experience of strength in the pose. If you’ve ever had low back pain as the result of backbends, or suspected that you may be approaching these postures in a way that hasn’t adequately or progressively prepared you for the demands of them, then this workshop is for you. En route to practicing various banded backbends, this workshop highlights the journey, not the destination. All levels are welcome. 

Inversion Process Over Product: Sustainable Handstands with Resistance Bands

Address the component skills of inverting in small, doable, progressive chunks. This practice highlights the process of preparing for handstand using resistance bands, traditional yoga postures and multi-disciplinary movement and drills. All are welcome. Partake in a process that explores what is universally challenging about handstand in a way that feels individualized and accessible. Learn to play the ‘long game’ and nourish your shoulders with proper preparation and conditioning using resistance bands. Whether you invert now, someday, or never, you can feel really good about it, especially in your shoulders, wrists and neck. Imbue your practice with greater sustainability, precision, and grace that improved strength provides.


January 17, 2020 @ 5:30 pm
January 19, 2020 @ 3:00 pm
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