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This page contains instructions and frequently asked questions for accessing the online course content on this site. Browse the topics below, and if you can’t find a solution, contact the site administrator at

I can’t log in to the site

  1. Before you can access online course materials on this site you need to add the course to your shopping cart and go through the purchase process.
  2. When you successfully complete the purchase, you will receive several emails, including:
    • A confirmation of WordPress account creation
    • An order confirmation
    • An enrollment confirmation with a link to the My Courses page
  3. Locate those confirmation emails in your email account. If you did not receive them your purchase may not have gone through you may have made a mistake when entering your email address. If you believe that your purchase did go through, but you can’t find the emails, contact the site administrator and ask for confirmation of your purchase and course enrollment. Be sure to let the site administrator know any email addresses you might have used to make the purchase.
  4. If you did receive the confirmation emails, examine them and confirm that you are using the correct username to log in to the site. Also verify that your email address is spelled correctly. If you need to reset your password, you can do so using the “Reset your password” link on the login page.

I’m not receiving site emails

When you purchase something on the site, a WordPress user account is automatically created for you, and you should have received several emails, including purchase confirmation and information about your account on the site. This type of automated email is sometimes marked as spam by email providers. If you haven’t received those confirmation emails, or you’re not receiving subsequent emails for password reset, check your spam folders for both your email client and your email provider. Also add and to your contacts.

I don’t know how to access my course

  1. The first step in accessing your purchased course content is to log in to the site. You can follow a link from your purchase confirmation email, or you can select the Log In link in the site menu: Online Courses > Log In.
    Site menu with Log In menu item highlighted
  2. Once you have logged in, you will want to navigate to your Learner Profile or My Courses page. You can access this page by following a link from your confirmation email, or by using the site menu once logged in. The menu path is: Online Courses > My Courses.
    Site menu with My Courses menu item highlighted
  3. The My Courses page lists all of the courses you are enrolled in. To access a course, select the linked course title on this page.
    My Courses page with two courses listed

I don’t understand how the course is organized

  • The course content hierarchy is as follows: Course > Lessons > Topics.
  • Most of the courses on this site have simple structures: a single course, with a single lesson, containing one or more topics.
  • The course landing page may contain a preview video and other contents. Be sure to scroll down the page to view links to the course lessons. If there is more than one lesson, be sure to access all available lessons.
  • Each lesson may contain more than one topic. If there are more than one topics, be sure to access all topics.