Low Back Pain Tutorial

Low Back Pain Tutorial



Low Back Pain Tutorial

Are you frustrated by “One Size Fits All” approaches to low back pain, but not sure what else to do for your clients?

  • Learn a movement-based approach to working with clients who have an array of low back pain sources.
  • Acquire a progression of corrective exercise techniques for clients either with diagnosed injuries or unspecified pain.
  • Review musculoskeletal anatomy to better understand how bodies move, adapt, maladapt, get injured, experience pain, and heal.
  • Learn common pathologies to better understand the cascade of your body’s response to tissue injury, as well as how pain is commonly patterned in response to these injuries.
  • Study up-to-date, biopsychosocial pain science that breaks down old beliefs in order to paint a more accurate picture of the often complicated and counterintuitive behavior of pain

What to Expect in our Low Back Pain Tutorial

  • One hour of corrective exercise techniques
  • 45 minutes of pain science, anatomy, biomechanics and kinesiology
  • Watch immediately upon purchase, video will be available May 8th!
  • Tutorials are available forever
  • 1 hour 45 minute viewing time

1.75 hours Yoga Alliance CEUs


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